Dan CoghillChris DumiganTony Ward

Acoustic Moods are an instrumental guitar group featuring Chris Dumigan on classical guitar, Tony Ward on acoustic guitar and Dan Coghill on bass.

The band was formed by Chris and Tony in 1995 due to an experimental rendering of some of Genesis' music instrumentally, on 2 guitars. Before long, Mike Bonwick was recruited to play bass and the line-up was complete. After a couple of years, Mike's other commitments meant he was unable to continue as Acoustic Moods' Bassist. Dan Coghill came to the group, by the suggestion of his dad, Chas, who is the band's sound engineer.

In the early days, gigs consisted mainly of Genesis material, with one or two original pieces thrown in. However, over the years, more and more original material has been written, which now forms the bulk of the sets.


We have recently completed our second studio album, Suncatcher, featuring ten tracks composed between October 2002 and March 2005 and an arrangement of the song Who Am I? from Chris' musical, Marilyn, written in 1980. More information and samples can be found here.

Despite one member of the band now living in London while the other two remain in Manchester, recording of another hour of original music for a third album will be commencing during the Summer.