Live '98


Beverley's Falling Snowflakes (468KB)
2 Dances (468KB)

1. No Son of Mine (Genesis)
2. Afterglow (Genesis)
3. Beverley's Falling Snowflakes (Ward)
4. A Regal Medley (Queen)
        i. Bohemian Rhapsody
        ii. Who Wants To Live Forever
        iii. We Are the Champions
        iv. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
5. Journey's End (Dumigan/Ward)
6. 2 Dances (Dumigan)
        i. Kyle's Dance
        ii. Alexander's Dance
7. Cuckoo Cocoon (Genesis)
8. Congo (Genesis)
9. Time in a bottle (Croce)
10. Entangled (Genesis)
11. Tryptych (Dumigan)
        i. Dancing
        ii. Dreaming
        iii. Driving